Diversidad - "The Experience"
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Diversidad - "The Experience"

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Diversidad - "The Experience"

Mensagem por Perry em Qua 20 Abr 2011, 1:38 am

[Você precisa estar registrado e conectado para ver este link.]


MC Melodee
(The Netherlands)

So what it do homie, better make some room for me
I ain’t the average mc, I’m quite stormy
So not corny, better tell your friends
I’m rappin for the Dam, better understand
Sick as a dog, but I’m ripping it dawg
Better spread the word that I got nothing but love
While rocking worldwide, I cannot get enough
Melodee is the name, I’ll be setting it off


Jedna ljubav za druga, sestru, meinen bruder
Dosli sa istih pruga, iz istog kruga
Dio smo stuba koji kulturu cuva
Do zadnjega zuba, familija poput Kuma

One love for my homie, sister and brother
We came from the same track from the same crew
We are all part of the pillar that holds up culture
Till the last breath one family like in the Godfather


Ich schmeiß n molotov auf geistige Grenzen,
Einengung, Geiz und Verdrängung, Verblendung,
Neid und Entfremdung.
Ich schreib die Zeilen für Veränderungen, und wenn du
peilst was ich sende und
begreifst was ich mein und teilst was ich schreib sind
wir beide eins am Ende

I throw a molotov at mental borders, restrictions of freedom,
constrictions, greed and suppressions, envy and alienation
I write these lines for change, and if you get what I send andunderstand what I mean and share what I write, then the two of us will become one in the end


Quand le crew Diversidad rentre en studio, ça sent la foudre
On mélange plus de langues différentes que dans une grande partouze
Si tu comprends pas ce qu’on dit dans nos couplets, chante en yaourt
Je fais le tour du continent comme quand je faisais
les courses avant Carrefour

When the Diversidad crew enters the studio, it smells like thunder
We mix more tongues than in a big orgy
If you don’t understand what we say in our verses just fake it
I go around the continent same way I used to shop before Carrefour

/ Chorus /

We dance to a million beats
In millions of streets
Different rivers flow together
And the wave sets you free
A million beats
In millions of streets
All these rivers splash together
And the wave sets you free

Remi from Elemental

Ni Kosor, ni Jandrokovic, ni Suker ni Milinovic
Pankretic, Adlesic, bogme ni Cobankovic,
Nitko nas nema, Elemental sisa vladu,
Vodimo vas u Europu dok vas doma ovi kradu

Not Kosor, not Jandrokovic, not Suker, not Milinovic
Not Pankretic, Adlesic, not even Cobenovic
No one can touch us, Elemental does it better than the Croatian Government,
We’re taking you to Europe, while these at home just steal from you


Si celle-ci n’est pas la première
Que tous retiennent qu’elle ne sera pas pour autant la dernière
Le respect est le même pour ceux partis devant et ceux qui arrivent derrière
Quand la passion élève l’âme au-dessus des frontières

If this isn’t the first one
May everyone remember that it doesn’t have to be the last one
Respect is the same for both those who started first and those who are coming behind
Hip hop when passion raises the soul beyond borders


É o Expresso da irmandade, que uniu a melhor
espécie de soldados das rimas para as peripécias da
esgrima debitada
Da Alemanha à Grecia, da Espanha à Suécia em paridade
diversidade de mc’s num só verso e numa comunidade

It’s the ‘Fraternity Express’ that united the best species of rhyme
soldiers for the acrobatics of the spitting war
From Germany to Greece, from Spain to Sweden, diversity of mc’s
in parity, in a single verse and in one community

(The Netherlands)

Ey yo we plant seeds and we watch the trees grow,
Leaves flow with the wind Oxigen for the people
Breathe in, breathe out, got a voice speak Now
We Here for that «bom dia, salamalekum, ni hao»

/ Chorus /

We dance to a million beats
In millions of streets
Different rivers flow together
And the wave sets you free
A million beats
In millions of streets
All these rivers splash together
And the wave sets you free

Marcus Price

Jamen tjena det är Mackish här, jag reppar för sverige
Kikkar supesr-stilen från Bryssel till Bergen
Det är inte «Alla talar Svenska » här, som ni nog märker
Men oavsett språket går flowet rakt in i märgen

Hey what’s up this is Mackish, I’m representing for Sweden
Kicking the super-style from Brussels to Bergen
This is not « Alla talar svenska* », as you would probably notice,
But indifferent to language, the flow goes straight into the marrow

*« Everyone speaks Swedish », an all Swedish compilation rap-album released in Sweden in the late 90’s

Shot from Elemental

Tu sam, eto evo me, daleko al ko doma je
Neki drugi jezik, al od njih me svak razumije
Bez granica, jos jedna zvjezdica sto veze me
Dio neceg Velikog, tu sam eto evo me

Here I am over here, far away but it feels like home
Some different languages but they understand me
No borders, one more Star that constructs me
Part of something big, here I am over here


Por mis fieras ahi fuera que no ven Fronteras
Por la musica, mi musa la unica que fue sincera
Por las razas y su mezcla, por el verso y su corona
Nos entendemos fijo si hip hop es el idioma

To my animals out there who never knew borders
To the music, my muse the only one that was sincere
To the races and their melting-pot, to the verse and its crown
We understand each other for sure
If Hip-Hop is the language

Luche from Co’Sang

Te parl com a’ nu’ fedel inginocchiat fra’ me mis l’ali
Senz ‘e te restav inginocchiat sott e’ Rav 4
E’ somiglianz re’ mattun accorcian e distanz
A’ storia e com nu guaglion ca nun crere restn immortal

I’m talking to you like a very religious person on his knees
You give me wings, without you I would be stealing cars
The similarity between our hoods shortens the distance
How the lyrics of a guy who doesn’t believe in god stay immortal


B-Boy officiel de BXL
Je vise le ciel, use mes ailes
Et m’envole

BXL’s official B-Boy
I’m aiming for the sky, using my wings
I am flying away
Yes yes galaxy
Diversidad is right here
Si si galaxie
Diversidad c’est bien ici
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